Aromatherapy Misters or Spritzers

Aromatherapy mister and sprtizers for heat/cold pads
Aromatherapy mister and spritzer for heat/cold pads, pillow cases, linens

Our microwaveable Heat/Cold pads packs are lovely to use with aromatherapy misters and spritzers with 100% essential oils, splash of additive (to mix oil and water together), and distilled water whenever you wish to alternate scents.  There are many essential oil reference books available in the market.  We did extensive research on the ones prescribed by physicians as well as experienced aromatherapist recognized in essential oil therapy. After heating your pad in the microwave, spritz on the pad cover (NOT the inner pad with corn). This way, you can alternate the scents.

Try the Lavender mister or spritzer on your pillow case just before you go to bed.  If you prefer to use a face towel, just spritz, place on the pillow, and enjoy the wonderful smell.

Travel size PET plastic fine spray bottles in dark green, amber, cobalt blue and purple are available which are recommended to package our misters. The small amount of essential oils in the spray/mister or spritzer will not be affected by UV rays.  Clear bottles are available for those who prefer to clearly see the contents.

Ships in a gift box.

Available scents and a few of its health benefits are:

Lavender – induces sleep, relieves stress and anxiety, bug repellent

Chamomile – has been used to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety

Ylang-Ylang – lifts mood while having a calming effect

Of course, if you are allergic to any oils, take caution.  For the best therapeutic solutions, seek the advice of your physician.

Buy one for you, or to give to someone you care these aromatherapy misters and spritzers with 100% essential oils

What is your favorite aromatherapy spritzer?




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