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Face Mask – washable, breathable, with pocket for filter, and elastic ties

I made “Handmade Face Masks” for COVID19 that are breathable, comfortable on the skin, washable, multi-layered, has pockets for filters, adjustable elastics, and passes CDC approved fabric content.  Due to the shortage of N95 masks, I decided to learn how to make the best fabric masks following the CDC guidelines.

I prefer soft cloth ties instead of elastic. I researched on which fabric and ties would be better.  This “Mask” project was something I had to do on the side, but easily done.  After all, there are bandanas and fabrics I could use to make one or more available in stores.

On December 2019  I was in California on business, I was watching TV and heard about the Corona Virus which hasn’t reached the United States yet.  Power shutdown schedules were more common in California at that time too so being prepared for it was the priority with everyone.

Now in 2020 with the spread of Corona Virus (COVID19) and shortages of surgical and N95 masks,  I felt I would make some fabric face masks.  Even though wearing mask was not necessary in the beginning, I had pollen allergies so it was pretty normal for me to wear mask indoors and outdoors.  However, for COVID19 I researched on the best washable, breathable fabrics and ties I would use.

Many DO-IT-Yourself (DIY) mask projects were available mostly without packets at that time.  I had to save my N95 mask so I realized since there are shortages in hospitals and stores, I’d make washable covers for my N95 and make face masks with pockets to add filters.  I have to make face masks with pockets, breathable, washable, 3 or more layers of fabric and adjustable elastic ties.  This includes various ties such as elastic, fabric, and others. I experimented with a few rectangular shapes as well.

I purchased fabrics from my local fabric store with the intent of donating the masks.  To my surprise there’s a shortage of elastics as well.  Some really good fabrics for the masks were not available in some stores. At that time fabric guidelines were not available as well.  I decided to make a few face masks with pockets from my stash (100% medium to heavy cotton, and sent them to my family.  I’m still sewing more face masks.

How to wear face masks for COVID19? Here’s the article from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Stay healthy, have faith, this pandemic too shall pass… take care!

Have you made your own face masks? What face masks do you like to wear?

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