Hearts of Love to Give Someone Ideas

Red Hearts GiftsbyNaomi
Three meanings or Love

Hearts have many colors and meanings to represent love. Some of the colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, Brown, White, Broken Heart, Heart Exclamation, Two hearts, Hearts Turning around each other, Beating, Growing, Shining, and others. Search online and look at some emojis.

This art design has 3 colors to represent:

Red – represents emotions, passion and love. It is a symbol of love in its purest form.

Black – represents loss of a loved one, expresses pain and sorrow.

White – White represents pure and innocent feeling. Has not suffered strong emotions both negative or positive.

Red Heart – maybe pure love for the special someone you’ve met who meant a whole world to you and you to them. Perhaps a baby’s love, children’s love, Teens, Adults, or pets love. Pets like dogs with unconditional love. I’m sure one can write a book on their love experiences. Look at the Bible for the word LOVE too!

White heart to someone could mean young love, children’s love, baby’s love, teen love, maybe even an adult’s love.

Black heart perhaps when we lost someone so dear to us. A family member, friend, pet, strangers we admire such as famous people.

As an artist I’m often asked for ideas for Mother’s Day Gift, Valentine’s Day gift, or just to show love for someone. Here are original art designs, signed along with a small heart symbol. Perhaps the recipient loves accessories such as a scarf, a wall art, mug or cup, smartphone case, tote bag, bathroom decor, clock, coasters, apron, or a huge cozy blanket to wrap one with a symbol of your love. Happy Shopping! Here are some gift options for you.

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