Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you paint on silk?
Wearable art and wall hanging require various methods and materials. Silk paints and dyes are applied to white silk after planning the design. The painted item is thoroughly dried for 24 hours. Following the manufacturer’s instructions permanently sets the paints and dyes.
How long does it take to paint on silk?
Depending on the complexity of the design and size, it can take anywhere from a half an hour to eight hours or more. Not only does the design need to be thought out, the application of the resist has to be done carefully so the dyes or paint do not bleed through the resist lines. Great care has to be taken when applying the dyes and paint on silk.
Are your silk scarves washable?
Yes, all silk scarves are hand washable in cold water using baby shampoo or a mild soap. DO NOT wring or use detergent. After washing, spread scarf on towel, roll from one end to the other end to remove excess moisture. When almost dry, iron on the BACK side of the painted item.  Articles with colored resist should not be dry-cleaned.
Each item includes a care instructions label.
Other care of your silk articles?
Do not expose wall pieces to direct sunlight.
What about returns?
I accept returns on defective workmanship.
What is the lead time for orders?
Lead times vary with complexity—approximately 2 weeks from the order is placed. If the piece is not complicated about 7 days.
Do you do custom orders?
Yes I do. If the piece is to be worn with a particular outfit, I will need swatches of color, or I can send my color chart for reference. Colors discussed over the phone cannot be guaranteed.
Is there an extra fee for custom orders?
Yes, there is a $15 fee, Custom orders require a 50 percent deposit, and there are no returns, except in cases of defective workmanship.
How will my order be shipped?
Orders will be shipped US Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipment via FedEx Three Day Saver or Next Day Air is available at their actual rates. I do not use shipping and handling as a profit center.
Do you accept credit cards? Yes. Paypal, Visa and MasterCard.
How can I order from you?
Email your request and we will answer promptly.