Microwaveable Corn heat/cold packs

Corn In The Pad - Gifts by Naomi
Microwaveable heat/cold pads or packs by Gifts by Naomi
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Microwaveable Heart Pillow heat/cold packs with cover
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Aromatherapy spritzer for heat/cold pad packs, and linens

Microwaveable Corn In The Pad Heat/Cold Pads, hot/cold packs, heating pads, cold pads with soft 100% washable cotton fabric cover. No scent. long lasting, reusable and Made in USA.

One of the wonderful gifts I brought home from my business trips for my mother was a set of microwaveable heat/cold pads filled with rice and other ingredients I bought in one of the shopping malls in Chicago for $197.85. Bundled in a wonderful bow and I was so excited to purchase the set for her aches and pains.

When I arrived from the airport I kept thinking how these would be helpful to my Mom so she can carry these microwaveable heat/cold packs warm or cool, while moving around the house.  With so much excitement I presented them to my mom at her house while she was on bed.  My mother was on chemotherapy treatment then when I realized these microwaveable heat/cold pads are beautiful but how does one clean them. Eventually the fabric wore off and the filling oozed out.  I thought one day I will create them myself where they will be washable for health and cleanliness reasons, unscented, retain heat and cold longer, fabric design options, and most of all soft to the skin.   These pads I created would do all those things I wished was available back then.

I’m also drawn to some scents which helps me relax and imagine fields of lavender flowers or sweet floral scents not too overpowering like the ylang-ylang flowers.  Another scent of choice is Chamomile which one will find very common essential oil in the body and bath industry.  Very mild and soothing to the skin.

I am allergic to strong perfumes, smoke, formaldehyde, dust, long haired pets, and pollen most of my life.  I’ve seen an allergist who tested me on a variety of tests to find out specific allergens. I believe that offering these products to customer’s choices of scented and unscented would be very beneficial.  Therefore, I researched physician recommended essential oils and developed these misters/spritzers available for purchase as well as the microwaveable corn in the pad heat/cold packs. My sister and her friends, who are in the health industry, loved its softness, unscented, removable choice of fabric design covers which are washable and especially the option to add scents alternately. I hope you enjoy these products.

Currently, I am in search of more physician and customer tested/recommended choices of essential oils where I am conducting experiments with including for home use. I will be very happy to share the results with you.   Please send me your comments on how you used these microwaveable corn in the pad, as well as the misters and spritzers.

What is your favorite spritzer scent?



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