Vineyard – Acrylic on Canvas (my version of David Lloyd Glover’s painting)

I used to belong to a Vintner’s club where most of the time we had 6 or more dinner courses.  It’s a private club with a wonderful golf course. A few of us went to Napa Valley to learn how to make wine, pairings and yes, my recollection of dark chocolate, cheese and fruit plates and all sorts of gourmet dishes brings back wonderful memories.  We went to dinner at Greystone,  the culinary institute of Napa Valley, CA.  Dinners were fantastic, delicious gourmet meals where watching your meals prepared in front of you by the chef with various ingredients was unforgettable.

I was in the bookstore when I ran across Walter Foster’s David Lloyd Glover’s painting demonstration where I wanted so much to try painting his vineyard for inspiration.  Below is a picture of his work.  I’m sure the original painting is much better in person.

David LLoyd Glover
David LLoyd Glover’s painting



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