Holiday Celebrations with Dogs

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Some of us have dogs and expecting guests or family members over this holiday season. Holiday celebrations with dogs can test our urge to pet and give those sweet loving face some treat or just a small piece of food. Hold on, let’s see if there are house rules. RULES you ask? Why you ask?

Sharing some rules and making sure everyone adheres to it is healthy for the dog after all we want to have a well trained dog we can be proud of.

Here are a few rules:

  • Don’t leave your food within the dog’s reach. The smell of yummy food is so tempting.
  • Ask the owner first before giving the dog anything. Even a small piece of food can make a dog sick.
  • Ask the owner first for house rules. Allowed on the fine furniture?
  • Dog hair will be everywhere so they know.
  • Respect the owner’s wishes. You want to be on his/her good side right? You like the dog to have good manners because you love the dog’s owner. Insisting your way is disrespectful.
  • Be thoughtful and kind always. This list is applicable not only during the holiday celebrations.

More on dog training, please visit Cesar Millan’s website.

Do you have additional rules we can add to the list?

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